Maintenance on Rental Property

Maintenance to rental property owned by you may be a confusing issue. Is an error if pPenyewa assume all maintenance is the responsibility of leasing agents and maintenance staff, this is not true. In many cases, leasing agents and maintenance staff is responsible for maintaining common areas and make major repairs on an apartment but tenants who typically have multiple responsibilities. This responsibility is often defined in the lease agreement and the tenant should familiarize themselves with these documents to verify his rights if a dispute arises.

Responsibilities of Tenants

Usually the tenant has the responsibility of maintaining their apartment and the surrounding area. This may include the interior of the apartment as well as a deck or patio space. However, maintenance of this area applies only to general hygiene and no problems or repairs such as painting the exterior or interior of the apartment structure or equipment in the apartment.

In addition, the tenant is responsible for minor repairs in their homes. This may include plunging a clogged toilet or changing a light bulb. However, if there are job tenants feel comfortable performing like changing a light bulb in a high location, the tenant should contact the maintenance staff for assistance.

Tenants also have a responsibility to show common courtesy to other renters by not intentionally damaging or public places if not married. This includes vandalism, littering and even failed to pick up after the dog. Tenants who fail to follow the rules of common decency may be subject to fines or other penalties in accordance with the lease agreement.

Leasing Agent Responsibilities

Leasing agents and maintenance staff are generally responsible for large items such as repairs to the outside of the building, fixing broken equipment and dealing with plumbing issues like leaky pipes. In addition, the maintenance staff is responsible for intervening if the renter had trouble with public utilities. Problems like no heat or hot water to the apartment must be handled by the maintenance staff in conjunction with a public utility entities.

Leasing agents and maintenance staff are also responsible for maintaining the common areas. This may include keeping the manicured grassy areas and other common areas look clean and attractive.

When the Leasing Agent is Not Taking Responsibility

As discussed earlier, the leasing agent has certain responsibilities to perform tasks and address concerns and complaints by tenants. However, when the rental agency does not fulfill this responsibility could create a dangerous environment for tenants. For example, the hot water is needed to adequately clean the dishes. This is why there should always be hot water to the apartment. Moreover, in very cold weather the inability to heat the apartment because utilities are damaged or window was not sealed properly can create dangerous conditions for tenants.

Both of the above examples are situations where tenants can put in a dangerous condition by the leasing agent negligence. In this situation the tenant should contact the Department of Housing to determine the exact cause for taking action in this situation.

In some cases the tenant may notify the alleged infringement by the rental agency is actually not his responsibility. However, in other situations the tenant can be informed that the leasing agent's action is a serious breach of the lease agreement. In both cases, the representative can provide information about how to proceed to achieve the desired results.