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City24 is not just a place where you can look for real estate ads, or put them up. It is usually a lot more real estate-related activities that the organization needs. Therefore, we have developed a lot of interesting features and services that are helpful to the user search for objects, exhibiting, and monitoring the changes in the database.

You desperately need to rent an apartment or buy a house - but at the moment it is not available for any kind of suit? Also, you do not have time to surf the internet constantly, and when to wait for someone to put the object of interest. What to do? City24 offers that problem solving easier and more convenient function that notifies you set the criteria for the appearance of the object in the database. Your message will be sent by the e-mail address. You no longer have to walk every day City24 site and see if there are no suitable object within the database. Great tip! if you have entered your e-mail service for mobile operators for mobile phone, then you can enter the e-mail address to your address, and a message to a mobile phone suitable for object appearance in the database comes directly from the mobile phone SMS notices from! So you do not have to sit behind a computer database to monitor even. All mobile operators may not support such a service - ask your operator for more information.

Panoramic photos and videos

City24-s can contract the broker by the users of its ads to add panoramic images, and videos. Panoramic photo of the presentation, which includes a 360 ° photos, which helps to create a picture of the viewer, as if they situated themselves in a place where 360 ​​° photos were taken. Standard photo or video angles are generally much narrower, and the viewer sees just exactly what the photographer wanted to show. 360 ° panoramic viewer can complete overview of the subject, and it is equipped with a panoramic view of the object raises out of hundreds of photographic objects in front of you! Both videos as panorama manufactured by many different companies to whom you can turn to make the tour City24 environment and add to the reference video or panoramic location.

To save items or Favorites

City24-s is a convenient object recording function, which allows an interesting object stored in a way that it is very easy to find later. Objects can be stored in two places: the detail view object to a button "Save Favorites". and the search result is a list of objects in a photo of each item under the "Save Favorites". All selected objects will go to your favorite user account "saved favorites" page, where they later without any search and with top finds.

You have to know how many people have put up an ad in the contact you have - but would not it be interesting to know how many people looked at the ad? A lot of these people, whom the offer seems interesting at first glance, but a closer reading, however, after the announcement, however, does not contact you? Is there a lack of feedback due to the fact that the ad did not meet frequently used search criteria, or rather the description of the object is not sufficiently newsworthy? These questions will help answer the object statistics feature. To use this feature from the main menu, select My City24 in the left menu, and then Statistics. Displays a list of your objects, where each one of us has a button "View statistics". Doorway pages are shown many times have you watched the object. If this number is high, but you have much contact is not taken, then there is probably something in the description of the object does not seem attractive to users. For example, the price is too high, or does not have a price, there are no pictures or item description is too short and concise. The solution can be considered as illustrative images, panoramas or video added. It also pays to look over the description of the object, and make it as accurate and realistic as possible. You may also want to think about the use of broker assistance. If, however, the number of clicks is very small, then it means that you do not fall into the very common item in the results of searches. Should such a case, review the item description and clarify. For example, the price for the lack of many to leave the object in the search results, as the price is often used as a search criterion. Without such an assessment items, however, the search results are not shown.

Having found a suitable apartment or house in the region of interest, however, is always the question - where exactly is this object? There's a big difference in whether a house is a large and noisy highway or a tiny side street. Is there a school or shop? Perhaps the forest or near the water. Such information is often not read the item description, although it is often the reason why it is preferable to one house or apartment to another. More importantly, this information when purchasing land. Here City24 offers the opportunity to work with Google to see the object of your location on a map and even a real street view. This will help prevent the unnecessary time spent viewing these objects, whose location is unacceptable to the customer even though the area is suitable.

Announcement City24 database is an effective and useful. 5 Reasons to be declared here: - approximately 70% of real estate buyers are using the Internet. -You will save time and money, because our database you will be able to put the object in as much information (plans, photos, panoramas, videos). This allows customers to "homework" to do, when you save both your time avoiding unnecessary visits to the object. - City24 will be the largest all visitors / users, the number of environments, to ensure that your ad will reach the target audience. -Unlike newspaper ads from your active supply is constantly visible at any time and from any location where there is internet. -You will be able to see exactly how many people have viewed your ad.

As more and more services are constantly being developed, it is worth browsing occasionally go to City24 has evolved.